“There is nothing to be “gotten out of art”. “ It’s all in the making, in the giving”
-Erin Manning     
 I work through a visual language of drawing, painting, object making, contemporary silhouettes, photography and stop motion vignettes. My studio practice is deeply shaped through drawing, often using intentionally low tech materials and techniques. Through art making I explore ways that question and de-center human constructs and unwarranted prejudices that objectify other animals and our relationships with them. Art is inherently flexible, it creates a potential to engage and imagine with other beings. In many ways, art is more than human. Art can shift perspectives to help us connect more imaginatively  with the world we are part of.    

ArtAnimalAffect (AAA) is a coalition of three interdisciplinary artists: Kathryn Eddy, Janell O’Rourke and L.A.Watson, who are dedicated to bridging art and activism within the field of critical animal studies. We utilize a post-humanist, eco-feminist approach to art-making that recognizes non-human animal subjectivity and values diverse and non-hierarchal modes of being in the world. AAA aims to create an open-ended dialogue that questions the social construct of “the human,” through the production of object-based encounters and social exchange. 
Using multi-media such as: video, installation, sound, photography, sculpture, and painting,, we investigate prevailing concepts about human/animal relationships and offer alternative narratives rooted in a non-anthropocentric vision of the future. By facilitating a diverse array of affective experiences, AAA invites the viewer/listener into intimate moments of exchange, whereby an expanded empathy is possible. 
ArtAnimalAffect has curated two art exhibitions. In 2015  What Does Art Add?: figuring the more-than-human world was exhibited in Newark NJ. This exhibition was inspired by the book Artist/Animal by Steve Baker who is a writer, an artist, an art historian. He was also a participating artist  in the show. And In 2017 The Sexual Politics of Meat or (SPOM) Exhibition inspired by Carol J.Adams book by the same name, exhibited at the Animal Museum in Los Angeles. The art book The Art of the Animal: fourteen Women Artists Explore The Sexual Politic of Meat was published in 2015 by Lantern Books. It includes a forward by the Animal Museum curator Carolyn Merino Mullin,  an introduction by J. Keri Cronin and an afterword by Carol J. Adams.