“There is nothing to be “gotten out of art”. “ It’s all in the making, in the giving”
-Erin Manning     
 I work through a visual language of drawing, painting, object making, contemporary silhouettes, photography and stop motion vignettes.  Fluttering in the work are energies human and non-human, feminine and masculine. My studio practice is deeply shaped through drawing, often using intentionally low tech materials and techniques. I consider my artistic practice to be multidisciplinary, and often use research to conceptualize ideas about the shifting human/animal binary, consumerism and profit culture, urban wild and domesticated animals, otherness, feminism, vulnerability, the ephemeral, and the ethical responsibilities of art. I search for ways to make art that questions and de-centers our human constructs and prejudices about other animals and I am interested in animal advocacy as part of my artistic expression. My most recent work has been driven by our human treatment of other animals.

ArtAnimalAffect (AAA), founded in 2013 by Kathryn Eddy, Janell O’Rourke, and L.A. Watson, is a coalition of artists dedicated to bridging art, activism, and critical animal studies. We recognize that all earthly beings are interconnected and value diverse and non-hierarchal modes of being in the world. Through our artwork, we aim to raise awareness of animal issues. Our group believes that representation is one way that contemporary artists can engage their practices in thought-provoking, experimental work that addresses the more-than-human world in this geological epoch of the Anthropocene.

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